Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rocket Hindi Review - Scam or Any Good

Nikita - host of Rocket HindiYou probably have observed another Rocket Hindi Review but none of them shows you that Rocket Hindi SCAM or certainly not!. In our Unbiased and Honest one, could tell you how Rocket Team put a lot of things about Rocket Hindi Guide that suite for your need…

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If you are required to master how to speak in eloquent Hindi and you are short on time or financial resources to go to a workshop, then Rocket Hindi Premium is exactly the thing you need to get your hands on. Rocket Hindi is an electronic program designed to train non-Hindi speakers to learn the south Asian vernacular and communicate with it in daily contexts.

Company behind the Product

Rocket Languages is a Los Angeles situated company known for creating Rocket Hindi. The company has also developed second language programs for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and sign language. Rocket Hindi was designed by a crew of Hindi specialists and Indian speakers spearheaded by Nikkita Sharma.

What You Get

With Rocket Hindi, you receive a series of 31-track interactive audio sessions that instruct you on how to converse in Hindi in all types of day-to-day settings. You also receive these sessions in English and in complete Devanagari (written Hindi) so you can grasp the lessons more easily. You also get a package of 31 grammar and culture lectures to help you be more conscious of what things to say and the manner in which you say them in different situations. Rocket Hindi also contains MegaVocab, MegaAudio, and MegaVerbs, three software-based games that make learning a new language more exciting. Aside from that, you also become a lifetime member of the Rocket Languages learners’ community and receive access to interactive quizzes, self-evaluations, note-taking, progress-tracking, and the ability to interact with the course developers and other Rocket Hindi users.

Product Guarantee

The firm is completely assured in its language programs. That is why the company is offering a no-risk money-back guarantee to assure its buyers against scams or defects. If you have any intent at all to wish a refund, just shoot an e-mail to Rocket Languages to get your refund. It’s as simple as that.

What I Like

Imagine yourself sitting in a cubicle with a couple of Hindi natives training you how to speak their language. That is how Rocket Hindi works. The developers of this course have gone the extra mile to make it an interactive learning process. As you go through lesson one, you will already find yourself saying basic Hindi terms, and after that, memorizing them. This is because Rocket Hindi was designed based on the notion that the easiest means to teach someone a second language is to let him use it. You won’t have to memorize lists of grammar prescriptions and complex words the way you commonly need to in school. With Rocket Hindi, you will see that language acquisition is actually exciting.

What I Don’t Like
You will be able to learn standard Hindi with Rocket Hindi, but you have to remember that there are is a host of unique provincial dialects aside from standard Hindi. If it isn’t standard Hindi you need to learn, though it is the most frequently spoken language in India, then this program may not help you.

My Final Evaluation of Rocket Hindi

To close out this Rocket Hindi Review, overall, I think Rocket Hindi is a great program for anyone to use to learn to speak Hindi fast. I had my friend Dave listen to a couple of the other recordings and we are having a great time talking back and forth in Hindi.  He was conversing with me on a basic level within an hour, and we were having real conversations within a couple of days.  Recently we sat down to watch a Bollywood film, and Dave said he really enjoyed being able to understand what was being said between the characters.

I like the training you get in Rocket Hindi. You learn by hearing a phrase and then repeating the phrase.  That works pretty well.  You hear a lot of great real-life situations in a conversational form.  You learn about Indian culture, and you’ll get reinforcement through fun exercises in grammar and vocabulary.

Best of all, is the price.  Rocket Hindi is more cost effective than other language training programs (like Rosetta Stone), and you actually get more value in return. I like that you can choose between ordering the program as physical CD’s (there are 20 of them), or as downloadable audio files.  If you want to learn in your car, you might find the CD option to be the best.  If you’re more comfortable with an MP3 player or want to burn CD’s as you need them, you might prefer to download the files and save a couple hundred dollars.  The choice is yours.

Click here to visit the Rocket Hindi site and to get a Free 6-day Course!

We hope you found this Rocket Hindi Review helpful in making a decision about getting the program.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, that is, if you are in need of a pleasant and quick way to learn how to speak in conversational Hindi. No downloadable program has intermedia as much as this one. If you wish to master a second language without putting yourself to dreamland, get Rocket Hindi instead.

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